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Syren 'Dehumanized' Album

Syren were an alternative/Rock trio formed in The United States by singer-songwriter Erin Bennett and ex-Rockbitch rhythm section Amanda Smith-Skinner (bass) and Jo Heeley (drums). The band released their debut album, 'Dehumanized' which was followed by successful USA, UK and European tours and gained much praise in music press. A second, unreleased album 'Something Has To Separate' was shelved due to Jo's death in 2012 and the subsequent retirement of Amanda soon after. Erin reformed the band with an all new line-up for a handful of one-off shows supporting space rock band Hawkwind and performed a final 'farewell' show as Syren on January 16, 2014. She continues to create music as Erin Bennett & the EB band, and was awarded a Scottish New Music award in 2012.

Dehumanized Album Art

Syren 'Dehumanized'(2008)   £10 +£2.50 Shipping

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