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EBB group Photo

EBB are (from left to right):

Kitty Biscuits (Backing Vocals, Percussion, Spoken Word Poetry), Anna Fraser (Drums, Percussion), Bad Dog (Bass), Suna Dasi (Backing Vocals, Synths),

Erin Bennett (Guitars, Lead Vocals, Trumpet), Nikki Francis (Hammond, Piano, Synths, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet).

Live Reviews

Well, EBB spectacularly woke up the Fusion audience with an intoxicating display of high class rock tinged with Prog and dripping with sensuality... ‘Cost and Consequences’ featured a fantastic keyboard from Nikki Francis, who was excellent throughout. Kitty Biscuits was particularly impassioned in this impactful song and imaginatively her crying voice morphs into a keening guitar sound from the talented Bennett.

EBB finished with great aplomb with a positive song of redemption from their excellent debut album ‘Mad and Killing Time’ in the flowing ‘Mary Jane’… and the Fusion crowd instantly gave them a standing ovation. EBB will surely keep flowing onwards and upwards.

The Progressive Aspect (UK) on EBB's Live performance at Fusion 4 Prog Festival 2023. By: Leo Trimming

EBB Live at Fusion 4

'...Scottish sextet Ebb deliver a polished and impassioned set of space rock, ballads, inventive grooves and straight-up rockers. Endlessly entertaining, the band embrace variety:'

-Gary MacKenzie, Prog Magazine Issue 134 (UK) on EBB's performance at A Sunday in September 2022.
'The combination of three female vocals captures the poetic ecstasy of the songwriting.' (UK) on EBB's performance at A Sunday in September 2022.

Press Quotes

'Mad & Killing Time' is an album to savour. Listening through headphones is simply the best way to get the most out of it in my own opinion. It is progressive and arty, but it never becomes too clever for its own good or to put it a cruder way disappears up its own arse!'

'...later I went to see them play in a club in be honest I was blown away by their performance.' [Of 'The Animal Said "I"] '...It is so powerful, emotional and beautiful. Stunning and classy...'

CGCM Radio (UK)

'[EBB] shines seriously brightly as a slice of scything prog-rock unleashed to perfection. [an] exceptional slice of new-look Prog.' [of 'Mary Jane'] ' ...this hugely emotive track drops to earth once more, totally captures your heart and ends the album with complete passion and powerful restraint, just one stunning song and a perfect close to what's been a flawless album.'

The Sound (UK)

'[EBB are] one of the most fascinating new acts in the British progressive rock scene. The band use up to three vocalists who hook you in immediately. However, this is a band that also enjoys developing instrumental passages...'

'The 'Mad & Killing Time' physical version includes an inviting 48-page book with plenty of band photos, lyrics and credits.'

Progressive Rock Central (USA)

'Mad & Killing Time is an extraordinary effort from the group, and upon repeated listens, it now comes without a shadow of a doubt that this is their apex....wave of lush organs that is eventually joined by a combo of cool riffs, Bad Dog and Anna's bloody superb rhythm unit, and sweet deforming electronics that generate this phenomenally rousing energy... it's flawlessly crafted.'

Small Music Scene (UK)

['Mad & Killing Time' is] a recommended listen for all lovers of prog sounds...[EBB manage] to create their own personal style, inspired by the 70s but proposed in a fresh and modern version.'  [Of 'Heacate] 'An ever-changing track with precise tempo changes...the music is a concentrate of power and technique with darker passages and intertwining electric guitar and keyboard.'

Progressive Rock Journal (Italy)

'In a world where musical mediocrity and lowest common denominator equates to highest commercial sales, EBB and Mad & Killing Time are a breath of fresh, Art for Art(rock)'s sake, air. A touch of witchcraft and night-magic...dark rock underworld...'

Fabrications HQ (UK)

'What you get with EBB is brilliantly constructed songs, incredible musicianship and an odd, quirky attitude that is entirely unique...when you listen to as much new music as I do, it takes something truly special to stand out and 'Mad & Killing Time' is just that, EBB delivering a musical highlight of the year and one that is totally unique to this incredibly talented bunch of artists.'


'channeling a gritty, earthier, early King Crimson.

Gutsy, authentic and multifaceted rock..'

Prog Magazine issue 138 (UK)

'The tone of the album is quite dark, but EBB keep it interesting with some great vocals and also some fantastic musical interludes.

This is a great album. Be sure to buy the physical version, as the band has really gone to town on the packaging.'

Powerplay Magazine issue 259 (UK)

'It is an album of a decidedly good level, the result of a metamorphosis...[they] use increasingly rich and eclectic instrumentation...articulated and complex.'

Arlequins Webzine (Italy)

'['Mad & Killing Time'] really repays repeated listens as unexpected or previously unnoticed pleasures reveal themselves... a Van der Graaf Generator-style maelstrom, full of off-kilter saxophones and a melting pot of unsettling sounds – you never quite know where it’s going!

...EBB have combined powerful rock and more pastoral shades throughout the album. The album is so enjoyable on whatever level you engage with it.'

The Progressive Aspect (UK)

'EBB's take on progressive rock is an inclusive one, with the band not really seeing any particular boundaries that need to be followed. Which is always refreshing. One might describe ['Mad & Killing Time'] as classic progressive-rock explored with a rebellious approach and a little bit of punk attitude. An album well worth spending some time with if this is a description that sounds intriguing.' (Uzbekistan)

'For me, EBB's 'Mad & Killing Time' would have been a top ten entry for last year had I heard it sooner.

This is super stuff; alive, dexterous and poetic. Songwriting of a high order.' (The Netherlands)


EBB /ɛb/


(Rhymes with web...)

Prog Rock music takes commitment and concentration to create and sometimes even to listen to.  If requested to express spontaneous keywords that describe this style of music, the spectrum encompasses intellectual, unusual,

off-beat, story-telling, conceptual, left-field, left-bank, innovative, challenging, technical, proficient, and

soundscapes - before a rapid argument then ensues... People begin to reminisce about rhythmic & percussive innovations, weird chord and key changes, poetic & lyrical worlds of wonder wrapped in interesting cover art and spice dusted with the artistic influences of sci-fi, fantasy, and on occasion all veering off into the realms of serious WTF, before settling down to a good, hard bitch about what is or is not true Prog! All good fun and, why not?

Ebb have redefined themselves as ‘Art Rock’…. Writing and playing in their own style; telling their own stories and wrestling with their own concepts seemed the way forward

for the five women and one guy.

And about that: they are nearly all women…. Was there a problem with the ‘old guard’ fans of the genre? Well, despite dire warnings from musical friends… No. Not at all. Prog

people of all walks, ages, and genders have been warm, inclusive, and receptive to the band. So there! It’s the power

of music, people!

Ebb are part of an Art Collective in Scotland and share their home, equipment, studio space, and most of the musicians

in the band with Krow, their neo-industrial-metal sisters.

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