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EBB are (from left to right):

Erin Bennett (Guitars, Lead Vocals, Trumpet), Suna Dasi (Backing Vocals, Synths), Bad Dog (Bass),  Nikki Francis (Hammond, Piano, Synths, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet), Anna Fraser (Drums, Percussion),

Kitty Biscuits (Backing Vocals, Percussion, Spoken Word Poetry),

EBB Live at Fusion 4

Live Reviews

'EBB captivated audiences at the Fusion and Prog for

Peart festivals, and have previously been featured in

this mag's Limelight section, so anticipation builds

ahead of their set. The explosive initial impact is

huge, the band instantly generating a universe of

musical and physical expression to convey their

multifaceted takes on the human condition. The

focal point, wild-haired singer-guitarist Erin Bennett,

exudes an edgy, dynamic charisma, her voice

laser-like in its directness and clarity. Flanking her is

the interpretive, flowing movement of backing singer

Kitty Biscuits together with synth player Suna Dasi,

who heighten their dramatic genre-busting songs

that focus on classic and space rock, interspersed

with dashes of psychedelia, folk and jazz.'

-Prog Magazine issue 143 By: Alison Reijman

'EBB, following, are excellent. There's always one band that grabs the audience at these events and makes it their own...They are the band of the weekend.'

Prog Magazine issue 145 By: Jerry Ewing

'Well, EBB spectacularly woke up the Fusion audience with an intoxicating display of high-class rock tinged with Prog and dripping with sensuality... ‘Cost and Consequences’ featured a fantastic keyboard from Nikki Francis, who was excellent throughout. Kitty Biscuits was particularly impassioned in this impactful song and imaginatively her crying voice morphs into a keening guitar sound from the talented Bennett.

EBB finished with great aplomb with a positive song of redemption from their excellent debut album ‘Mad and Killing Time’ in the flowing ‘Mary Jane’… and the Fusion crowd instantly gave them a standing ovation. EBB will surely keep flowing onwards and upwards.'

The Progressive Aspect (UK) on EBB's Live performance at Fusion 4 Prog Festival 2023. By: Leo Trimming

'...Scottish sextet Ebb deliver a polished and impassioned set of space rock, ballads, inventive grooves and straight-up rockers. Endlessly entertaining, the band embrace variety:'

-Gary MacKenzie, Prog Magazine Issue 134 (UK) on EBB's performance at A Sunday in September 2022.
'The combination of three female vocals captures the poetic ecstasy of the songwriting.' (UK) on EBB's performance at A Sunday in September 2022.


EBB /ɛb/


(Rhymes with web...)

EBB were a band, the Erin Bennett Band, who played pop-rock. But they kept straying off into Prog Rock and ruining it. 

So they finally listened to their own voices and went full Prog. You couldn't get a happier bunch of puppies.

Writing and rehearsing within an arts collective makes impromptu, noisy jam sessions a little easier than, perhaps, for those who live with intolerant neighbours, families, dogs and hamsters.

The resulting music performance and, these days, video and live actors, is best described as bespoke, rather than pleasingly generic. In other words, one likes it or one doesn't.

Rest assured, the band members themselves will be having a great time! 

Living in Scotland but hailing from all around the world, the band get on with each other irritatingly well. Also, they can't wait to meet you!”

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