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EBB are (from left to right):

Kitty Biscuits (Backing Vocals, Percussion, Spoken Word Poetry), Anna Fraser (Drums, Percussion), Bad Dog (Bass), Suna Dasi (Backing Vocals, Synths),

Erin Bennett (Guitars, Lead Vocals, Trumpet), Nikki Francis (Hammond, Piano, Synths, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet).


'...Scottish sextet Ebb deliver a polished and impassioned set of space rock, ballads, inventive grooves and straight-up rockers. Endlessly entertaining, the band embrace variety:'
-Gary MacKenzie, Prog Magazine Issue 134
'The combination of three female vocals captures the poetic ecstasy of the songwriting.'
'...[a] fresh and modern approach to a progressive form of music that should be applauded...'
-Fabrications HQ
[Ebb] gave me goosebumps, and I can tell you as a hardened, possibly even jaded live music listener it takes something very special to elicit that reaction from me.
-Mark Hoaksey (Editor) Powerplay Magazine
(Issue 223)
'[Ebb have] an intoxicating effect!' - Prog Magazine


EBB /ɛb/


(Rhymes with web...)

Prog Rock music takes commitment and concentration to create and sometimes even to listen to.  If requested to express spontaneous keywords that describe this style of music, the spectrum encompasses intellectual, unusual,

off-beat, story-telling, conceptual, left-field, left-bank, innovative, challenging, technical, proficient, and

soundscapes - before a rapid argument then ensues... People begin to reminisce about rhythmic & percussive innovations, weird chord and key changes, poetic & lyrical worlds of wonder wrapped in interesting cover art and spice dusted with the artistic influences of sci-fi, fantasy, and on occasion all veering off into the realms of serious WTF, before settling down to a good, hard bitch about what is or is not true Prog! All good fun and, why not?

Ebb have redefined themselves as ‘Art Rock’…. Writing and playing in their own style; telling their own stories and wrestling with their own concepts seemed the way forward

for the five women and one guy.

And about that: they are nearly all women…. Was there a problem with the ‘old guard’ fans of the genre? Well, despite dire warnings from musical friends… No. Not at all. Prog

people of all walks, ages, and genders have been warm, inclusive, and receptive to the band. So there! It’s the power

of music, people!

Ebb are part of an Art Collective in Scotland and share their home, equipment, studio space, and most of the musicians

in the band with Krow, their neo-industrial-metal sisters.