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Ebb - Death & The Maiden (Debut EP)

Release Date: August 1st 2019


[Ebb] blend together a multitude of styles for an intoxicating effect.
-PROG Magazine (Issue 102)
[Ebb] gave me goosebumps, and I can tell you as a hardened, possibly even jaded live music listener it takes something very special to elicit that reaction from me.
-Mark Hoaksey (Editor) Powerplay Magazine
(Issue 223)
'...[a] fresh and modern approach to a progressive form of music that should be applauded...'
-Fabrications HQ
‘Death And The Maiden’ packs more wonder into six tracks than
a lot of bands do in an entire career..'.
-Down The Front Media
'Death & The Maiden' is centred around  the theme of divulging through an array of  diverse emotions, and these are brought to life  through mesmerising, poignant lyrics, which in turn are transmitted via a threefold of vivid and often heated  vocal performances.'
-Small Music Scene
'Not for the faint hearted' - Planet Rock Magazine

Press Photos

Photos By: Kersten Gruenling

EBB Promo 1


Nikki Francis (Keys/Synths), Finn McGregor (Bass), Anna Fraser (Drums), Kitty Biscuits (Backing Vocals & Poetry Reading), Suna Dasi (Backing Vocals), Erin Bennett (Guitars, Lead Vocals).


EBB come from very different social and political backgrounds (most of the band are what's left of 90's shock-group, ROCKBITCH) and they play a blend of musical styles resulting in Prog-Rock.

On top of their, at times, thunderous soundscapes are the titanic but always beguiling vocals of Erin Bennett; the Texan, award-winning singer/songwriter that the band met whilst on tour in the U.S. as MTTV.

With a cross genre appeal and having been described as: 'being the bastard daughter of King Crimson and Heart.' they describe themselves, perhaps more cheerfully, as 'Prog with songs!'

EBB are open to eclectic description and new fans of all ages.


'Dark Lady' Official Video

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'Illusions' Official Video

illusions video.jpg

'Twofold's The Pain' Official Video

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'Throw It All Away' Official Video

Throw AWay Official.png


16 January - Trillian's (Newcastle, UK)
24 January - BOX (Glasgow, UK)
5 March - Wharf Chambers (Leeds, UK)
4 April - Prog in the Park 2.0 (Dunfermline, UK)
26-28 June - Wildfire Festival (Wanlockhead, Scotland) *Exact performance date TBA*
7 August - Hug & Pint (Glasgow, UK)
14 October - Kidderminster Town Hall (FUSION 2020) (Kidderminster, UK)
*3 more festivals that have confirmed but asked us not to publicize*