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Erin Bennett Back Catalogue

In 2015 Erin Bennett released her debut album 'ReFlowered'. Along with musicians who formed 'The EB Band', she toured extensively in the UK promoting its release.

Largely, the album's roots were dug firmly in alternative/pop/rock and the songs were autobiographical, describing Erin's experience of losing her wife to breast cancer and eventually finding new love. Alongside the album, Erin wrote and released a book, 'Girl ReFlowered', which explained the story behind the album.

In 2017, Erin released her follow-up album 'Post Sexy, Post Truth' which leaned more heavily in the direction of hard rock. This album marked a new approach to writing and production for Erin and the EB band and saw them begin to lean in a more 70s direction, in terms of musical style.

After the album's release and the subsequent tour to promote it, Erin decided to stop performing as a solo artist and absorbed her backing band to form EBB. 'EBB' was initially intended as an abbreviation for the 'Erin Bennett Band', however, it stands now as its own concept of constantly moving away from the old towards the new.


'ReFlowered'(2015)   £5 +£2.50 Shipping

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'Post Sexy, Post Truth'(2015)          £5 +£2.50 Shipping

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