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DA Music (Belgium) Review 'Mad & Killing Time'

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Christoph Lintermans of DA Music (Belgium) has reviewed 'Mad & Killing Time'


A band consisting of five women and one man in a genre dominated by men? The Scottish EBB really adds a new sound to prog rock. After the EP 'Death & The Maiden' from 2019, this 'Mad & Killing Time' is the real full-time debut.

EBB could well refer to the Erin Bennett Band, because the lead singer wrote all the songs. As a guitarist she clearly stems from the eighties neo-prog school - she has made that urgent sound her own - and that immediately gives the album a familiar sound.

Nevertheless, the band has searched for its own voice and it resounds loud and clear on this debut. It is a concept album that perfectly feels the current zeitgeist. She talks about a theme such as alienation, but also about diversity. The message is that it is ok to be different, but it is not conveyed unequivocally. On the contrary: after a chaotic awakening, our consciousness goes through life's difficult moments until redemption arrives in the final scene. This is prog rock, isn't it?

There is no better storyteller than Bennett, who is intriguing by the storyline and phrasing, the compelling voice that - together with Kitty Biscuits' spoken word art - underlines the sense of urgency of the drama. A second and third singing voice reinforce Bennett at the crucial moments. Tension is our tip track here; exemplary of how an unrelenting tension is built up here. Great class.

It is recommended to hear the album in one go. And then you notice how refined this music is. Key positions are taken by keyboardists Suna Dasi and Nikki Francis, who add extra meaning, especially in a harmonic sense. Their playing is skillful and varied, including analog moog, mellotron, and hammond. Sax and flute sporadically provide firm accents.

This album comes under no better banner than Boudicca Records. Erin Bennett can immediately be crowned as the queen who started the revolt against the Romans. Perhaps then a velvet revolution will be possible against the patriarchal dominance in prog rock. The genre will only get better.

Be sure to purchase the physical edition of 'Mad & Killing Time', because the band did not take any chances when creating the accompanying booklet.


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