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'They've done it again! <3 But with a Twist!'

Small Music Scene was among the first to review and feature EBB's debut EP 'Death & The Maiden'. (Due for release on 01/08/19.)

Read the full review here:

SMS #17 EBB – Death & The Maiden ***Available on 1/8/19*** __________ Last year, the alternative progressive rock outfit EBB came into existence, spawning from what was initially a solo act led by a big favourite of ours – Erin Bennett – and they’re gearing up to release the first record under this banner.

The EP is centred around the theme of divulging through an array of diverse emotions, and these are brought to life through mesmerising, poignant lyrics, which in turn are transmitted via a threefold of vivid and often heated vocal performances.

There’s somewhat of a change in style. In previous records, there was a considerable variety between the tracks, but here, there appears to be a focus on a darker approach towards the sound, which makes sense given the content of the music.

Thick riffs, crunchy bass chords and biting drum hits generate danker, grungier overtones that dig into the senses as opposed to providing a rush of adrenaline, but they prove to be just as effective as the latter.

While not the ultimate showcase of what these six can achieve from a musical standpoint, the group put elements such as catchy hooks and memorable choruses to the side to instead give us a record that is deeper and more provoking than anything they have delivered beforehand, highlighting the undeniable evolution of their already established crafts.


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